Shearwater Downloader 视频评论 & 提示,你应该知道的技巧

PastoDeco 3.1 and Shearwater Downloader

Shows import of Shearwater Predator and Petrel dive computers database with Shearwater Downloader app, and integration in PastoDeco© app.

How to download smosh the movie for free.

In this video I'll be showing you how to download smosh the movie for free. I used: and ttorrent.

Dive Computer Display Comparison - In this video we look at the display size of digits on some of our current dive computers. None of us are getting any younger and often the slight magnification...

Regulator Guide Choosing a scuba diving regulator begins by purchasing the first and second stages like those shown here. You will need...

iDive Computer for Android - tutorial - m1s1

iDive Computer for Android - tutorial - m1s1.

motocopter demo

FOR SALE: MOTA Smart-Phone Controlled Helicopter. Download free app on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to fly the helicopter. Includes infrared transmitter and charging cord. Charges off of USB.

SUUNTO EON CORE Dive Computer - BRAND NEW Product Launch - 18th October 2017

The Suunto EON Core launches worldwide on 18th October 2017. The EON Core is the latest product from Suunto to hit the market since the 2015 launch of the EON Steel. The press launch for the...

Delta X - Counter surveillance sweeping system

Quickly and reliably detects all kinds of RF listening devices, including analog, digital, constantly existing and intermittent, sending audio or video, with or without encryption. Finds hidden...

DiveMate FusionIR with Cressi & Scubapro

The DiveMate FusionIR is a universal USB infrared adapter supporting dive computers from different manufacturers. With the DiveMate App it can be used with Android and iOS devices. Furthermore...

DiveMate USB 2.0 with MARES Icon HD on a smartphone

DiveMate USB 2.0 with MARES Icon HD running on a smartphone.

Trump's Constant Mar-A-Lago Vacations Annoying Locals

Trump basically takes a vacation every week. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

[Showcasing] Mariner Castle MCPE Map (With Own Ajustments)

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