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Shearwater Downloader

3.55 usd

This app let's you to download dive data from Shearwater Predator, Petrel or Petrel2 dive computers.Once dive database was downloaded it can be viewed with PastoDeco© or PastoDeco Pro© app ( search for it on Play Store ).In PastoDeco, once you have planned a dive, then made it underwater with your Shearwater dive computer, you can show chart with both planned dive and real dive to show up differences or warnings ( e.g. high ascent speed, missed deco ... ).You can also show all pre-dive settings and dive parameters of your dive computer.If you have several devices with Pastodeco installed, even if on differents platforms ( Android, iOS, Windows, Mac Osx ) you don't need to have a Shearwater Downloader app on each device.When dive database is downloaded, in PastoDeco app you can send it on the cloud, and retreive it on each device.
This app requires a device with Bluetooth capabilities.This app requires PastoDeco© or PastoDeco© Pro v. 3.1.0 or higher.
Shearwater is a registered trademark of Shearwater Research.